Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today was pretty nice. Eloise and I hung out for a while around the studio waiting for Kathryn to come back from St Thomas sans Stephen. She didn't show, so we went up to the farm with our friend Bart for a while. We picked a ton of spinach and arugula (everything that hadn't been totally devoured by bugs), and then came home. Bart proposed a dinner party at his place, so we agreed to come over a little later. When we arrived home, the WWOOFer girls had already started cooking ahuge family meal for everyone. We tried to get a hold of Bart to reschedule, but we never could reach him, so we ended up eating two HUGE dinners. First we had chicken tacos, and then we had homemade pizzas and cheesecake. Bart, his girlfriend Keira, and our new WWOOFer Louis live in this architect's house for free on tortola. He has the most amazingly eclectic and weird house. Tomorrow we head to Virgin Gorda for a night of pampering (by pampering I mean sleeping inside, in a bed) at Biras Creek Resort. We are so excited to pretend like we don't live in tents for a while, and get dressed up for a nice dinner. I'll keep you updated, and maybe post some pictures soon!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Catching up

Hey guys,
Sorry I haven't even written since I've been here yet! We have been pretty busy with farming and sailing and all that. So far I have been to the farm four or five times. It is a long hitch/walk away, but the view is so well worth it. Aragorn has a beatiful house perched on a super steep hill over the ocean, and the farm is mostly trellised along the hills. We have been planting bok choi, weeding a ton, and picking arugula and spinach to sell at the studio.
Other than that, things around Trellis Bay have been pretty quiet. We have been sailing a lot with our friend Alex, and his dad Tod. Alex has basically grown up in Trellis Bay, and him and Tod live on a 39 foot Corbin. This weekend, they took us sailing. On Friday night we sailed to Salt Island, which is a tiny, uninhabited, very spooky place. There used to be a salt mine on the island, because most of it is comprised of a huge salt pond. Then we sailed to Norman Island, which is owned by none other than Eugene Jarecki (how funny is that!) and hung out and watched a steel drum band. This morning we woked up and sailed over to Virgin Gorda to go to the Baths for my first time. The baths are these HUGE boulders that you can swim through and around. It was really cool. Now we are all back at Trellis, and tonight we are taking Stephen out to dinner.

Will keep you posted,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We are leaving tonight for Boston so that I can catch my 6 AM flight to St Thomas. From there I will be taking a ferry over to Roadtown, Tortola where Kathryn and Eloises will meet me at around 2. I am soo excited! Keep reading the blog, and keep the emails coming!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Home (Well Boston...)

We finally got back to the US today! It was really sad to leave everyone last night, especially chicken express! We got two free dinners, one from the rotary club, and one from the chicken express crew. Anyways, it is super late, and I am very very tired! We are staying in boston tongiht and then heading home tomorrow with sarah, and then back down here on thursday for the departure flight to tortola!


Saturday, February 28, 2009

new friends

We have met A LOT of people in the last couple of days. One day at a the park we met Mark who is a postman from Canada trying to escape the cold. We told him what we were up to, and gave him Tom´s number so that he could maybe work with us one day. He called us up and invited us to a birthday party for this british guy named gary at casa kiwi (great hostel run by new zealanders). The next day they joined us at work, and absolutely loved it! Gary is touring central america looking for a place to start a hostel-restaurant-community center. Last night we went to their farewell dinner, and saw them onto their bus to nicaragua. It was great to hang out with all of the travellers there and hear all of their crazy stories.

We are enjoying our last week here, but are sooo sad to leave all of our friends (although gary and mark might come visit us in VT) ! Will write more later!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tourist Day

It has been raining here for a while, so work was cancelled today. The new guy JD from texas, the girls, Jesus, and I went on a little touristy day. It is so funny because we have been here forever, but still havent seen the cliche trujillo attractions. We went first to this crazy museum outside of town. It was misty, and the place looked more like a horror movie set than a museum. It was full of rusting pre columbian tools and stuff, lit by crazy old street lights from the 19th century in Trujillo. Out back there were five crazy monkeys, and an abandoned water park. It was the craziest thing!

We had so much funb wandering around. I kind of felt like Indiana Jones. Afterwards, we went to William Walker{s tomb (not much to see) and the Fortaleza Santa Barbara. All in all it was a great day!

Then about thirty new volunteers from NH showed up, and we had another great chicken express dinner. I can{t believe we leave here in a week! its almost tortola time!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun Day

We have been working hard on digging the foundation for the 2nd classroom at the Pech Village. It is by far the most strenuous work that we have done all trip! Yesterday, Lincoln took us to the naval base and we went on a super fun boat ride. Basically it was the navy guys trying to see how much they could scare Emily, Alex, and I as we sat on the front deck. It may have been the most fun I{ve had all trip. I think I screamed the entire time.